Lily's kids

Lily's kids

Sunday, August 30, 2015

11 kids

It's amazing how very different each and every child is...

2 new additions to my house means that I know have 11 kiddos...

3 weeks- our little sleeper (except from 11-12 pm)
1 year- sweetest grin, loudest scream
1 year- giggler and just started WALKING
1 year- what a monkey... loves climbing everything
1 year- so chill and sweet
2 years- big helper and what a talker
3 years- mischief maker
4 years- adjusting to our family and gives the sweetest hugs
4 years- the "Boss" of the family
4 years- little Mama and loves on all the babies
6 years with special needs- squinty grin and LOVES to eat

These precious little ones remind me daily of my need for Jesus. Without Him, I am nothing. Without Him, I have nothing. He is my everything.
Gives grace when I don't know what to do.
Gives love when I am lonely.
Gives mercy when I fall short.
Gives rest when I have no strength (thanks baby for the weird sleep schedule)
Gives joy EVERY day.

The beauty of walking day by day with Jesus is that I am never alone.
Just like my kiddos, I am very different than others but the Father's love reaches down to each of us. He sees us with joy and love and gives us grace to love like He does.

What a joy it has been to love these kids. Please join me in praying for the two newest little ones that moved in. Pray that God would touch their little hearts and that they would know Him! Also for wisdom and strength to raise all these crazies!

One more prayer request, Peniel went to Cochabamba for surgery to put a new shunt in her heart but we are waiting for one doctor to arrive from Colombia. Please be praying for wisdom and peace as we trust God's perfect timing.

Much love from Bolivia
~Lily Fluharty

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Our home is with HIM

This past week was a very full one. A very emotional one. A bittersweet one. A week filled with grace.

A team from Holland was here for two weeks working on several different projects like fixing up three of the houses, putting on a new roof where we eat lunch, fixing the trampoline, doing crafts with the kids, soccer games at night, and a very fun goodbye party. What a blast it was to get to know them and see the way they served and loved the kids. Goodbyes are always hard but it's so amazing to see God unite brothers and sisters in Christ no matter what language is being spoken.

On Thursday, all of us here at Casa de Esperanza participated in a parade which meant waking up at 5am (and waking up all my little ones) so that we could get them dressed up in their costumes and do their hair and still get them to eat some breakfast and clean the house all before 8am. We barely made it out the door on time. Pretty sure I carried one of my little ones half dressed and without shoes on to the bus so we wouldn't be left behind. But oh how precious the little ones looked with their adorable outfits. Maybe I'm biased, but they are the CUTEST kids ever!

In the middle of all of the craziness, my heart was hurting as my Uncle back in the States passed away after fighting cancer for 15 months. Losing a loved one is so hard and I realized how far away I am when I wasn't there to hug my family. God is so gracious though and His peace is beyond anything I could imagine. My Uncle is now face to face with Jesus, praising Him and rejoicing in the presence of our Savior. There is such beauty in the fact that death here is just the beginning of life. Oh how I long for the day when Jesus calls me home to be with Him!

The same day that my Uncle went to be with Jesus, a new little life started here in Bolivia. And this little life came to join our family here at Casa de Esperanza three days later. This little boy doesn't have a name yet, but he is joining two of his sisters here at Casa de Esperanza. Elisabet is 8 years old and Abigail is 1 and now they have a new little brother. We are so excited to have this precious little gift from God!

Amazed at God's nearness and faithfulness. I don't deserve it, but He gives it freely. My reaction is to cling closer to my Savior. There are times where we don't even have the strength to go on, but God is our Shepherd and will lead us safely to Him. The rest and peace there is beyond words. Thank you Jesus!

Much love from Bolivia,
Lily Fluharty