Lily's kids

Lily's kids

Monday, July 29, 2013

I head back

This Saturday I head back.

Head back to 65 beautiful children.

Head back to lots of hugs.

Head back to mountains.

Head back to speaking Spanish.

Head back to kisses.

Head back to tiny smiles.

Head back to hearing "Tia Lily".

Head back to rice and potatoes and more bolivian food.

And on Sunday I will be back.

Been an amazing few months in the States back home with family and friends.
Worshiping at church has been such an encouragement every Sunday. As well
as being amazed as I continue seeing God open door after door.

I am so excited for another opportunity to continue loving these precious children.
Thank you for your support and also for your prayers. I cannot do this alone
and it has been amazing to see God at work. These precious children wiggle deep
down into hearts.

I will have more updates before I leave Saturday morning.

Please be praying for safe travels, that my visa process will go quickly and smoothly
and for more open doors to share God's love with the kids.

Love to you all!
~Lily Fluharty

Monday, July 22, 2013

Missions Video

Here is the missions video that I am so excited about. God is
working mightily and my prayer is that many people would see
this so that their hearts could be filled with a love for these kids.
They are too precious and beautiful to be ignored.


Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Time is ticking down. I am about to head back to a loooot more time in Bolivia.

It's been crazy not having a set return date. It's a scary thought but at the same time
it's very cool to trust God with His timing and plan.
Miguel Angel

I look at videos and pictures of the kids and every time I look at the clock I change

it to Bolivian time in my mind and picture what everyone is up to. Maybe they are
just waking up or getting ready to eat lunch... and my heart bursts as I think that in
just 16 days I will be there alongside them!

This summer has literally flown by. I feel like I just arrived home and unpacked
and now I am beginning to stick things back in suitcases and checking off the
checklist of things I can't forget to bring.
Kisses from Juanes

Every time I check an item off the list I think of a little face that I am closer to seeing.
I miss being called Tia Lily.
I miss singing together at lunch with all the children.
I miss tiny hugs and always having at least one little one on my lap.

I am so excited to see God continue to work.
Love to you all!

Friday, July 12, 2013

3 weeks!

Just got this picture from one of the Tias. It's little Lily who is getting soooo big! I cannot wait to go back and love this little one some more. So precious.

Excited to announce that I have my ticket to Bolivia. 

August 3rd!!!

Crazy that I am leaving in 22 days!!! About 3 weeks!!! 

Please be praying for me as support comes in, as I pack and bring things back for the kids and staff, for safe travels and for the visa process when I am in Bolivia.

I am so excited to see God work in this year. 

Bittersweet leaving. Sad to leave my family for so long but so happy to get back to work and hold and kiss these precious children.

Praising God as doors continue to open and as He provides and answers prayers.
God is amazing. And I am amazed as He gives grace to trust Him!
Oh Praise Him!


Monday, July 8, 2013

1 thing I need.

I don't need much in this world.

Traveling overseas I have realized just how blessed I am and that I don't need "Things" to make me happy. I don't need cute clothes, or new shoes, or food. I don't need to be surrounded by children or friends or family.

The only thing I NEED is Christ Jesus. Because without Him I am nothing.

My blog is called "For the Least of These". I am loving the least because I was one. I was last. But Christ saw me and saved me. And now I am not last in His sight but loved. And it's amazing to think about. To think that these children who are so easily forgotten in this world and loved and valued by God.  And our love for God should explode and shower everyone around us.

Christ has accomplished his mission. He has come for us. Died for us. Risen for us. Defeated our sins. And it is finished. And it is beautiful. And it should break out hearts and heal them at the same time.

No more death. No more fear. No more condemnation.

Just Life. Just joy. Just peace.

Because it is just grace. Not what we deserve. And it's beautiful.

The only thing I need in this world is Jesus. And His love and grace and truth.


Monday, July 1, 2013


She fills my life with sunshine

"The place God calls us to is the place where your deep gladness and the worlds deep hunger meet." Frederick beuchner

Nothing like a beautiful sky and beautiful kids

I love this quote. I love that God has called me to work at a place where I am excited to wake up every morning. Where I can't stop smiling every day. And every night I hit the pillow exhausted but content. I am crazy blessed.

One of the 14 year old boys asked me once, "Tia Lily, what is your dream?" That question made me laugh. "Honestly," I told him, "I get to live my dream each and every day." He stared at me like I was crazy before he told me, "You should get a better dream." 

Rosemery's the sweetest
His response made me realize that I don't want a "better" dream. I get to do what I LOVE to do each and every day. I grew up to do what I wanted to do ever since I was three years old. I get to have 100 children. It's crazy the journey God has taken me on. I have only said "yes" and by His grace I continue to say "yes" to what He asks me and trust His will. I don't have to worry about tomorrow will bring.

I am in a place of need. And I am in a place where I am deeply happy. 

About a month before I head back!!! God has been opening up some amazing doors and opportunities for this next year of ministry. I am so excited to get back to Caranavi and see all the kids. I miss them like crazy. 
God bless!!!!!
~Lily Fluharty
Miguel Angel and Peniel