Lily's kids

Lily's kids

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Results back today!

Heading to the Hospital to get the results back! I'll post once we figure out what's going on!

Been an enjoyable and cold few days in La Paz seeing some good friends and getting to hang out with Jessa and Ellie. Nice to relax and hang out while were waiting for the results. But I'm definitely ready to head back to Caranavi and my kiddos.

About to walk over to the hospital!
Thank you everyone for your prayers! I feel them!

God is good and I love Him more each day!


Lily Fluharty

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Stomach stuff

After 3 weeks of dealing with fun stomach issues and taking two very interesting trips to the hospital in caranavi where they tried guessing and giving me some different antibiotics which didn’t work. I had an IV to help with dehydration and to give me some more vitamins I had lost. The hospital really made me sad. The beds are never cleaned and the sheets never cleaned, there is rust and dust and spider webs all over. I felt like I needed a Tetnis shot from must being in there. The lines are crazy and there are so many people waiting, waiting, waiting. The patients were all taken care of and then without cleaning or even washing hands the doctors would then move on to the next patient. The pediatric section is even worse. 
So long story short... I am in La Paz. Went to the hospital last night and got a blood test and some other tests and am getting the results back on Saturday! I am finally hopefully on the right antibiotic so hopefully my stomach starts to like me again. It was also nice being in a nice, clean hospital. I felt like a little kid as I walked in. :) 
Thank you for all your prayers!!! Learning to trust God in the big and small! Awesome though how fast it all worked out! We got to La Paz super fast and I was able to be seen that night which sped up the process! God is good! 

Sometimes bacteria in your stomach is a blessing in disguise!
God bless!!!

I will post updates when I know a little more!!! 

Much love from Bolivia!!!
Lily Flu

Saturday, April 19, 2014

What I need

I don’t want anything but Jesus. 
Praying for my family, my children, my friends, Bolivia, CDE, the directors, my church...
And I started praying for myself... for the things I need.
And I realized I don’t need anything. Not children, a boyfriend,  family, happiness, support. I don’t need anything.
I need to be in the middle of God’s will. I want to be His. 

I don’t WANT anything else.

Rub a dub dub

Bath time for Emanuel

He makes me smile!

New adventures

Life goes on and each day is a new adventure here.

Been working with the little ones in our house on obeying the first time and trying to help them become more independent which is important when there are 7 little ones ALWAYS needing help and not enough hands to help wipe noses, fill cups with water, button pants, help with homework and wash clothes. The list goes on… sometimes the chaos makes me laugh.

My cry is to lean on Christ and have Him fill me with His strength. When I try to do it on my own I fail. When I trust Him He wins!

Just got over two weeks of being sick and having stomach issues! Long story short… the hospital here in Caranavi is not so great… Feeling better now that I'm on the right antibiotic and after having an IV to help with dehydration and getting some vitamins back in me. Definitely an interesting experience :)

The two precious new babies, Sabina and Grace, are doing really well and are getting so big! We laugh at how much hair little Grace has.

Sending love and hugs from Bolivia!


Sunday, April 6, 2014

Wonderful week

Me with my mama in BOLIVIA!
This week was wonderful.

I think I literally felt EVERY emotion this week.

Sabina is getting SOOO BIG!
What a joy it was to have the team from Sovereign Grace Church here at Casa de Esperanza and to have my mama here with me. I will have some more blog posts coming about the team and the time with my mama :)

Kisses from my Peniel
Felt SO encouraged by the team and so well cared for by the pastors. We are truly blessed at Sovereign Grace Church by the leadership displayed by our pastors.

The week went by so fast and as the team had to leave two days early because of a miner's strike I am now processing everything. It was really hard to see them go but I will treasure the memories, the encouraging words, the prayers and hugs, the candy and chocolate left behind ;) and all the love that the team gave to me and the tias and the children here.

Mama with her "sons" -she gave them all English names
Steve, Kevin, Bobby, Mike and Andy :)
Felt so cared for. Sometimes being alone in a different country you forget how awesome it is for someone to come up and hug you and tell you "I love you" in English.

Thank you thank you thank you to everyone on the team and everyone who supported them! They were such a blessing here.

Amazed at God's never-ending love for us. Even when there are tears as the team left early… there was peace knowing that God was in control. Seriously in love with my Savior.

One other exciting bit of news… we welcomed a new little baby last week! Meet Grace Abigail who came at 2 days old and she is precious and already loved so much!

Meet Grace Abigail
Much love from Bolivia and Casa de Esperanza,
Lily Fluharty