Lily's kids

Lily's kids

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Kids kids and more kids

3 weeks left! Before I had left I had hoped to blog every week and keep you all posted
but with spotty internet and a super busy schedule... well... I'll have a lot of stories to
blog about when I get home.

Jessa and I got back to Caranavi safe and sound and definitely miss the team and Jameson
and Diedra who left the week after back to the states. It was weird having me and Jessa
be the only American's up here. Every day I fall more and more in love with Caranavi and
with these kids. Our Spanish is continually growing and it's awesome to be able to have
conversations that actually can last hours with these kids.

My day is packed with kids kids kids and lots and lots of laughing and smiles and hugs.
This week I've been in the Guarderia which is where all the little kids go in the morning so
that the Tia's can get work done. The little guys are so sweet and continually screaming
"Hermana Lily!" at me so they can show me what their doing or get a hug. After lunch
I help in different houses every day with homework and help the Tia's clean or watch
the little ones. I LOVE every moment of it!

God is so good and I have been so blown away by His goodness and faithfulness!


Monday, April 2, 2012

6 weeks!

Half way! This first month and a half has just flown by and as I look back on the first 6 weeks in Caranavi, I am completely overwhelmed by how good God is and how faithful He is and always will be.

Jessa and I finished up our Spanish classes and are amazed by how much grace God has given in learning a new language. It definitely helps being surrounded by Spanish 24/7. We are able to communicate all the basics and hold conversations and I was super encouraged to be able to share my testimony in spanish with several of the kids at Casa de Esperanza by myself. :)

The team from our church just left for the states this morning and it is sad to see them go. It was such an unbelievably encouraging 2 weeks. 2 new roofs, a newly painted concha for the kids to play soccer on, repainted play ground, fresh paint in the kitchen and bathrooms plus all the love they were able to give as they served the Tias, Tios and children at Casa de Esperanza. So grateful for all the memories we will now share with the team from Minnesota. Thanks you guys for how well you loved and served the kids here in Caranavi.

Me and Jessa have really been able to get to know the kids really well and we are so grateful for all of our new friendships in Bolivia. It is really hard to not fall in love with all these kids. Being called "Hermana Lily" or as some of them say my name "Leelee" has been so great!

Today, we head back on death road to Caranavi after a weekend in LaPaz. Can´t wait to spend more time with these kids. Keep us in your prayers! Love to all!