Lily's kids

Lily's kids

Saturday, September 21, 2013


I have spent so many moments here in Bolivia.

Some moments, I am filled with joy and want to dance and sing
and I can't stop smiling. The kids here make fun of me because
I smile and when I start smiling I can't stop. There is now the
"Lily smile" here where the kids smile as BIG as they can. :)
There are so many moments where I get jumped on and a little
one gives me a bear hug. I can't tell you how many times I laugh
so hard I want to cry. These children are HILARIOUS. What they
say and think literally makes me laugh so hard my stomach hurts.
A joyful heart is good medicine.

Some moments are hard. When I have 9 little ones running around,
one crying, two arguing, another asking for water please, and five
trying to tell me five different stories all at the same time. There are
times where the little ones have a hard time obeying and they have
melt downs and are stubborn. There are times where I run out of
energy and fall short. There are times where I feel discouraged.
But God is bigger than my shortcomings.

There are moments where I am filled with peace. When I kiss fuzzy
little heads goodnight and they whisper "Tia Lily, I love you" and
won't sleep until they give me a goodnight kiss my heart swells.
When one of the older kids comes to talk and confides in me and my
heart breaks for what they have been through. When Peniel wraps her
little hands around my neck and when July reaches up and tightens my
grip around her little hand. I love these children so much. They very
quickly wiggled their way into my heart.

It will be 2 years in February since I first came to Bolivia. Two years
with children whom God has placed on my heart ever since I was little.
It is amazing to see how He works and leads and prepares us to do His

Please continue praying for these children and also for the staff. It is a lot
of work raising 67 children plus all the children of the staff. Lots of
people in our family. God is so good and I am so amazed as He works
here each new day.

Blessings and love from Bolivia,


Sunday, September 8, 2013

Precious in His sight

Picture post of 2 of my 9. 

Amazing how much these kids wiggle into my heart. Love them!

Be praying for Elisabet. She comes from a very abusive background and is struggling as she learns how to obey and respect others and love. Beautiful girl with a beautiful little heart. May God touch and heal the scars. We are precious in His sight!


Filled with joy

How has over a month passed since I returned to Bolivia???

It's been filled with...

Caring for 9 little ones and loving 67 more!
My Bolivian family :)

-early mornings and sleepy faces
-cutting 90 tiny finger and toe nails
-Lots of hugs and kisses each day
-learning how to be patient and laugh
-hearing "Tia Lily" thousands of times each day
-keeping a clean house :) Not easy with little ones
-washing many clothes by hand
-bathing little ones each day
-night time devotions and singing "Jesus loves me" in English
-playing soccer with the older kids
-piojos ;)
-spanish praise music and dancing at night with the kiddos
-the goodnight routine which involves kisses from all my little men
-laughter and me not being able to stop smiling

It has been an amazing month. God is at work here at Casa de Esperanza and I have been blown away at the multiple opportunities to share with the older kids.

God continues to teach me to REST in Him because He has accomplished all things. To rest in His love and joy and to trust His PERFECT plan. Amazed by His goodness to me!

Also welcome to another new little one. Lolina is 4 years old and was living with an elderly grandfather. She cannot walk or talk and we are praying that God would heal her little body. Beautiful smile and beautiful eyes. And the best giggle.

Thank you for your prayers and love! Blessings from Bolivia!