Lily's kids

Lily's kids

Sunday, September 30, 2012


On Friday after lunch I looked over at a huge circle of kids and in the middle was the dead pig's frozen head. :) and it's huge body sitting a few feet away. Which meant eating yummy chancho on Saturday! Delicous! David LOVED it! :)

Celebrated the 25th anniversary of the church today and all the kids from Casa de Esperanza went down even the little little ones. They served tons of chicken for lunch and everyone ate lots and lots and got REALLY sleepy after. :)

In La Paz this week to finish up my visa stuff! Lots of love and more posts to come! God bless!
~Lily :)

Friday, September 28, 2012

My names



Lily Goodman

Lily Flooflardy




La Leelee goooooodman


Lily Yuma


Lily bruja del jardin

Lily Fluharty

Hermana Leelee

Tia Lily

La Lily


Lily Voovady



mi amor




these are just of few of the names i respond to here in Bolivia... :) plus a few more that I won't write here haha.

What they do to my heart

"Your my best friend Lily Flooflady" he tells me. and my heart melts.

"My older brother doesn't care about me but I care about him so it makes me sad to think about it" says another. and my heart breaks.

Spending 7+ hours helping her with 11 pages of math homework she hadn't done and having her actually understand the last page and doing it all on her own. a huge smile on her face. and my heart smiles.

Getting HUGE hugs every morning from 11 smiling little ones. and my heart sings.

Making goals and missing more goals playing soccer and LAUGHING LAUGHING LAUGHING with lots of crazy beautiful children.


Monday, September 24, 2012

A fast forward day

If you fast forward my day...

*Making and eating DELICIOUS pancakes with homemade syrupish stuff
*Getting 11 little hugs
*Screaming the ABCs in Spanish with 11 little crazies
*Doing races with crazy 3 year olds crashing into each other and falling over laughing
*Waiting for an 8 year old slow poke to finish eating
*Checking two crazy 8 year olds socks to see if their clean
*Laughing and helping both crazy 8 year olds rewash socks
*Homework homework homework with both crazy 8 year olds
*Trying to clean the floors with all the dust! It's sooooo dusty :)
*Getting more hugs and kisses and fresh yummy bread
*Getting ambushed and my flip flops stolen by a crazy 13 ALMOST 14 year old viejo
*Feeding the doggy and making a yummy dinner
*Hanging out with 2 friends and listening to music and eating french fries i made and killing the buro in my house
*Thinking back on this crazy but wonderful day and SMILING! :) Lots of amazing friends and lots of laughter. And lots of yummy food!

God is so very good to me! Love to you all! 

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Little boy in blue

Juanes and his motorcycle
This little guy makes me smile each and every day. Juanes seems shy at first but has the CUTEST giggle and is full of mischief. He gives the BEST running huts every morning too. Love him and his twin brother Javier. :) I love hearing them call me "Tia Lily" and all their adorable faces

Juanes and Javier were so cute in matching outfits

He was so proud of this face


This is his mad face

Lots of love from Bolivia!!! Been super busy and been having a blast! God is soooo very good and learning so much!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Gracias y por favor

It's been a crazy wonderful week with the kids! Lots of laughs!

In the Guarderia were working on please and thank you and it is a process to be consistent with 11 little crazies and having them ask nicely. But their doing a GREAT job. Sometimes it turns into one long question "Tia Lily can I please have this thank you?"  and their learning their numbers and alphabet really well! Some of the highlights were some of the little boys dressing up in dresses, reading Go Dogs Go and it's almost memorized by all the little kids, and playing playing playing!

Thursday and Friday I was the Tia in the afternoon in the 4th house because the Tia was down in town both afternoons. I took care of the two little kids in the house and washed clothes, gave baths, played, laughed, washed dishes and more dishes and took LOTS of pictures. Last night when the Tia came back I went to leave to go to my house to sleep and little Javier goes "Nooooo Tia Lily! No te vayas" which means "don't goooo!" Super cute!

 A church from the states donated 12 amazing new mountain bikes this week and the kids went CRAZY! They are super excited and it's such a huge blessing since the old bikes were falling apart!

My Spanish is continuing to grow and improve... words of the week "cochino!" "pues" and yes there's stories behind both of them :)

God is so very good to me! Please continue to pray for these kids that God would continue to work in them and draw them to Himself for His glory and honor! God bless!
Love from Bolivia,

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Judah and the Lion

Your blood spilled for me.
Once a slave now I have been set free.
I can't help but sing
How your love came down and rescued me.

Torn apart you paid my price
The wrath of God was satisfied.
You gave me life
My hope is found on Jesus Christ

Here's my destiny
to walk with you for all eternity.

-Torn Apart
Judah and the Lion

Really encouraged listening to praise music. How He loves us. Once a slave but now se free and to walk with Christ for all eternity. I can't help but sing!

Trying to upload a video of one of the adorable little guys! We'll see if it will or not!

Love you all!

Smiles giggles and joy

Every second with these kids makes me smile. They are so full of life. So full of joy and smiles and it is infectious. When they giggle it fills me with joy and reminds me again and again of how much I love these crazy kids. There are days that are hard where they struggle and don't listen and are angry. But I am reminded again and again how Jesus see's me as His child. When I struggle and don't obey, He still loves me and wants me and see's me as precious. I see so much of God's love in these kids! And it fills me with joy. 

Every morning when all the little kids come to the Guarderia and give me hugs and sweet little kisses. Every time they get sooooo excited because they finished a puzzle all by themselves. Every time they want to show me something that is special to them. It amazes me how much and how quickly I fell in love with these kids. 

And it makes my heart fly!!! I am soooo blessed to be here in these mountains with these kids. I am soooo blessed to be loved by Jesus and to be reminded every day of His amazing love for me.
Lots of love and smiles from Bolivia!

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Loving Caranavi

2 weeks flew by in Caranavi. I'm in La Paz for a few days for my visa but can't wait to get back to the kids. It was sooooo crazy to be back in Caranavi loving on the kids every second of every day! I love it. The last two weeks were filled with lots of hugs, smiles, hearing "Tia Lily", the Guarderia with all 11 little kids, passing out photos I brought from the team which the kids LOVED, evicting a family of cockroaches, yummy food, mountains, playing UNO, smarties, little hands in mine, bug bites, kia rides, laughter and so much more. I am so blessed to be back here doing what I love and getting to loveo n these kids and letting them love on me.

It is definitely not always easy. This week has been rough with one of the younger boys really struggling so please be praying that God would save him and give the directors wisdom. These kids have gone through a lot and they need hope and joy found in Christ alone. Reminded again and again that all I have is Christ!!!

Internet is up (ish) just really slow  so hopefully i will be able to update more once I get back to Caranavi later this week. Continue to pray for the kids that God would save them and draw them to himself! Lots of love from Bolivia and lots of little kiddos!