Lily's kids

Lily's kids

Friday, June 25, 2010

Ecuador Day 2

Day 2

After waking up at about 9, me and my dad proceeded down to a fabulous buffet breakfast where there were about a million different kinds of juice including orange, strawberry, mango, pineapple and blackberry. We then headed out on the bus to a children's center where we got fed a wonderful meal of ecuadorian food including chicken, potatoes, corn and veggies. We then went on a home visit, we visited a mother and her two kids, Christian and Fanny. Sadly the father is no longer around which is the case in many families there. The house was only two rooms with cement floors and walls and a plastic ceiling to prevent leaks. It was very hard to see the family living in such poverty but it was a blessing to see Christian telling us how happy he was to have us in his home.

We then headed back to the project and spent time hanging out with the kids there which was sooooo much fun! We went to the church across the road and a little girl named Karin claimed my lap. Another little girl Jessica also grabbed my hand and followed me around for the rest of the time.

Me and Karin

Me and Jessica

The second day was really cool and it was fun to communicate with these kids despite the language barrier. (I speak absolutely no spanish) The funny thing is that since I took a year of french, I actually started counting in French and the little girls started laughing at me! Nothing like little kids to keep you humble! It was a blessing to represent these kids sponsors who couldn't be there and still receive so much love from them.

More of the trip to come!


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ecuador Trip Day 1

Wow! My trip to Ecuador was absolutely amazing! During the next few posts I'll share stories and pics from my trip and you'll get to see the wonderful country of Ecuador and some of the stuff I learned while I was there! Hope you enjoy and are blessed! This trip really filled me with a thankfulness and an awareness of what I have! It also showed me that stuff doesn't matter. So follow along as I take you an my adventure to Ecuador!!!


Day 1 was filled with sitting on airplanes and waiting at airports! We got to Miami at about 1 pm and then had a layover for about 6 hours. When we finally got on the plane for Ecuador we were delayed because of lightning so our arrival which should have been at about 10:30 pm ended up being at 12:30. I officially found out that airplane food is DISGUSTING and that I would rather be hungry than try to digest that again! We got into Ecuador and went through customs really late so by the time we got into our fabulous hotel it was 3:00 am! We were exhausted and our 6 hour sleep felt amazing!!!


Friday, June 11, 2010

Compassion Trip

I am taking a trip to Ecuador through Compassion to meet the little boy
I sponsor, Kevin!!!!!!! I have been sponsoring Kevin for a little over 4
years and he is now eleven years old.My dad and I are going with a group
to Ecuador for 6 days and we will have the opportunity to meet with our
sponsored children for two days as well as visit other projects and a
child survival program. Some of the things we will be doing include playing
and serving kids at different child centers, visiting a child's home and seeing
first-hand how these children live, meeting our sponsored children and a
family member and spending a day at the park with them, going to Kevin's
church and getting to worship alongside him, going to a movie theater with
our sponsored children, go to our sponsored child's project and meet the
staff and teachers, and going to a Child Survival Program where we will meet
mother's and their babies.

I pray that this trip would really be blessed and that Kevin and I would
grow in our friendship. I hope that this trip will be a blessing towards
Kevin and show how much I love and care for him. I am extremely excited
and will put up pictures and blog about the trip when I return home!
God bless and have a great week!