Lily's kids

Lily's kids

Friday, August 17, 2012

Today I get to see them!

It's 1:10 in the morning here in La Paz and once again I can't sleep because I'm so excited to head back to Caranavi and see all the kids! The visa process is going well and I am so grateful for all your prayers! God is good all the time! It's still hard for me to believe that I'm here in Bolivia and that in just a few hours I will be hugging 87 precious children whom I adore!
A few of the older kids messaged me on facebook asking when I was coming to Bolivia and it was so surreal to say yup, I'm here and just a few hours away from you and we'll talk this weekend! It blows me away.

God has brought me so far in these last few years and I am continually reminded how I only need to trust Him because His leading and timing are perfect. Always. I never would have thought I would end up in Bolivia but I am so blessed that God guided me to love the kids at Casa de Esperanza. There's no way to not fall in love with every single one of them.

Lots of love and hugs from Bolivia!!! God bless!

Update: wrote this early this morning when I couldn't sleep and it never posted... so i put it up now :)

Blood and sugar :)

The first part of my visa process is IN!!! Yay! Now I have a couple weeks to wait for the background check to go through and all that good stuff. But so excited that the first half is done!

 Part of the process was going to the Bolivian hospital to get blood drawn and a check up and I am definitely grateful for American doctors now. It was definitely a 4 hours to remember. I ended up passing out in line before anything had happened due to 3 hours of sleep and not being able to eat breakfast which instantly made me the most popular person in the clinic. Yes. I know your talking about me when your staring straight at me and pointing. About 5 minutes after I passed out, they proceeded to draw my blood. And then to give me some energy they put a spoonful of sugar in my mouth. Forever in my memory! Haha!

Heading to see the kids hopefully later today or by the latest tomorrow morning. I'm hoping hoping hoping for today! I can't wait to see them!!!!!
Please pray for safe travels for me as I head to Caranavi and that my visa process would continue to go smoothly. Thank you Jesus for amazing lawyers!!! God is good!


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Can't wait

Hopefully heading to Caranavi either thursday or friday! Can't wait to see the kids!!!
During these next 9 months I will be with the kids and Tias pretty much 24/7.
In the mornings I will be in charge of the little kids in the Guarderia where we play, read books, learn numbers and colors and the alphabet and have a snack before more play. In the afternoons I help with homework, cleaning, watching the little ones and playing and hanging out with all the kids. And 3 nights a week there is Concha where we play soccer and games all together.

Thanks for all your prayers!!!!!!!!! Love from Bolivia!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Back in Bolivia!!!!

Writing this in La Paz!!!! I'm back in Bolivia!
Travels and customs went really well yesterday and
I got in early this morning. Kinda tired but already
started on the crazy visa process so planning on
going to Caranavi in a few days. I can't wait to see
the kids. I miss them like crazy especially when it's
so close. My heart wants to fly out of La Paz all
the way down death road to get to all the kids. :)

Ok... so a not so great picture of my amazing view. but by the time I put it up I lost all patience. Just take my word... it's a good view. :)

It was a crazy process getting here and as I read my
devotions this morning I was reminded of how faithful
He is. In the times where I have no idea what my next
step is and when He shows me where to put my feet.
He is good. And I so easily forget it. And He so
readily reminds me.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Make them dangerous

“Wealth is unimportant next to souls. So are legs and fingers, all five senses. So is life.” -N.D. Wilson
“The world is rated R, and no-one is checking IDs. Do not try to hide your children from the world forever, but do not pretend there is no danger. Train them. Give them sharp eyes and bellies full of laughter. Make them dangerous. Make them yeast, and when they’ve grown, they will pollute the shadows.” -N.D. Wilson
“Change this world. Use your body like a tool meant to be used up, discarded, and replaced. Better every life you touch. We will reach the final chapter. Live now. Relish the tensions, the challenges, and laugh at the petty pains.” -N.D. Wilson
“What’s my life if it’s not praising you?” -Lecrae
“Life is worth the death.” N.D. Wilson


TOMORROW!!! I fly out and will be getting to Bolivia early monday morning. I would LOVE prayers for safe travels and also that once I get there I can get on this crazy visa process and that it would go smoothly and quickly... or as smoothly and quickly as it could in Bolivia. :)

Last day in Minnesota with the family... included sleeping in, driving around and getting lost down long country roads, randomly finding 3 elephants while being lost, skipping rocks from an island thingy, walls full of vines, malt-shops, laughter, pictures and lots of memories. I will miss this family so much!!!

God is good! Not sure what my internet connection will look like in the next few days... hoping to post as regularly as I can... :) Get ready for lots of new pictures of the kids!!! God bless!

~Lily Fluharty

Thursday, August 9, 2012

To live is Christ~ 2 days

2 days left. Craziness. Where did this summer fly away to?
I am beyond excited to head back to Bolivia and get back
to seeing and loving on the kids.

But 9 months is a long time and I am so grateful and blessed
with having such a supportive and encouraging family. I'm
really going to miss them. I'm going to miss my 4 crazy
sisters and my wonderful parents and my cute fuzzy dog
and all of my family and friends and church.

But the crazy thing that  I know beyond know is that no
matter where I am, God's love is stronger. It's stronger and
better than anything or anyone. And that's what I remind
myself of everyday. To die to myself and my desires and
the world and to live for Christ.

For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain. Philippians 1:21


Monday, August 6, 2012

Back to Bolivia!!!!!!!!!!!!

All the papers are in and I am heading back to bolivia this Sunday for 9ish months. I am beyond excited. It's been a crazy waiting process getting this paperwork and I still have a lot of craziness to get the next visa while in Bolivia but I am so excited to get back to the kids.

 God has been so faithful and have been reminded in this waiting process that He has my life in His hands. I don't have to worry about when papers will come in and what day I will leave because He knows. And I am grateful that God continued to show me and teach me that in my time home.

In these next 9 months in Bolivia I will be volunteering at the same orphanage I was at before and loving and serving the kids and Tias living there. In the mornings I will be caring for the little children in a nursery like room with lots of toys and we will do Bible stories, work on numbers and letters and play. In the afternoons I will be helping with homework, washing clothes, cleaning, helping more with the little kids and hanging out with the kids and loving on them.

Please be praying for me in these next months for...

-The Residency visa process. That all my papers would go through smoothly and quickly and that there would be no issues getting everything to where it has to be.
-Safety in traveling. Traveling from LaPaz to Caranavi on Death Road several times for visa stuff.
-Opportunities to share my testimony and more of God's love with the kids and that God would draw many more to Him in these next 9 months!

So that's the SUPER exciting update! :) Can't wait!