Lily's kids

Lily's kids

Monday, January 12, 2015

Three more sleeps…

It's winding down… tomorrow is my last full day in the States… Leaving home to head back to my other home. How do you process? So sad to leave one place but excited to leave for the other place. My dreams are full of snatching up little faces with big brown eyes and hugging them and hugging them and not letting them go. Three more sleeps until I see fuzzy heads and one of those sleeps will be on a plane…

I feel blessed. Humbled really by all the support and love I have received while I have been home. I feel so encouraged and excited to see God continue to work. Because I know it's definitely NOT me! It's so cool to see God at work. His love is beautiful and I love seeing it transform tiny lives.

It hurts to say "goodbye" and "I love you" even though I know it isn't forever to so many people I love in one home. I'm beyond excited to say, "HELLO again" and "I love you" to those I love in another home.

But here is how good God is… trying to pack a BUNCH of stuff into my checked bag and carry on… people have been absolutely AMAZING and 28 books in Spanish for the kids!!!
Little gifts and candy for all the kids
Chocolate and cards for ALL the staff and Tias!

Then I got a message asking if I could bring back two car parts because it saves money buying it here than spending double there… ok… how do I fit CAR PARTS into already stuffed bags??? But God is crazy… found out that I get a second checked bag for FREE! And then went to pick up the car parts and they are SMALL and LIGHT WEIGHT!!! Thank you JESUS!!!

Seeing God in the big things and also in little things like being able to fit an extra ranch dressing in to bless someone in Bolivia. They love their ranch…

Hopefully I post one more time before I leave and I will try to post when I arrive in Bolivia sometime over this weekend!!!

Thank you so much for all your support and prayers!!!! Please be praying as I travel that customs and immigration and baggage claims and security and connecting flights and all the craziness of flying all goes well.

God is so good! So excited to see Him continue to work and see His love poured out!

In Christ Jesus who blows me away daily,
Lily Fluharty

Sunday, January 4, 2015

10 more days!?!?

Less than 2 weeks before I go home… let the craziness begin!!!
Where did the time go???

Packing, repacking, checking the list, rechecking the list…

25 chocolate bars from Ikea for the Tias √
New jeans cuz all my old ones ripped     √
Books in Spanish for the kiddos              √
Sprees (my favorite)                                √

I still have about 300 pictures to print off to bring for all the kids. I love bringing them pictures of themselves… I love when the older kids show me the few baby pictures they have.

It's always bittersweet leaving. Sad to say goodbye and so very excited to see my kiddos again! I miss them like crazy… 10 more days in the States…

Love what God has been doing though… He is good and I am so excited to see Him continue to work in the next year.

To God be the glory!

~Lily Flu

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year

2014 was pretty crazy. I look back over my journals and blog posts from 2014 and realize how very gracious God is. 2014 was hard. 2014 was good. 2014 was a year of God being so faithful and His strength overcoming my weakness.

I am thankful for 2014. I grew in 2014. God sustained in 2014.

I saw some of my prayers that I wrote on New Years last year…

*Grow deeper and stronger in my walk with God. -WOW! God is amazing. He has pulled me ever closer to Him and I pray that this next year would be an even greater year of seeing His glory.

*Be bold to share my testimony and the gospel- God provided opportunity after opportunity to share the gospel with the kids at Casa, the tias, the staff, the pizza man… it was truly amazing. We can't keep silent!

*Love till it hurts- This surprised me looking back. I forgot I wrote this. And this happened. I love the kids at Casa so much and seeing them struggle hurts. Seeing little ones leave back with their mothers into difficult situations hurts. Watching babies abandoned hurts. But seeing God's love for them heals. I can't fix their hearts. I can't fix their lives. But I can love them one by one for as much time as I'm given.

*Laugh and see the joy in each day!- This was a hard year but also a joyful year. Living with so many happy kids is definitely contagious and I love smiling.

So blessed by all the love and support and encouragement I have received from you all! It has been such a blessing and I couldn't do this without you all!!!

In 2 weeks I head back to Bolivia. What an amazing journey it has been the last 3 years and I cannot wait to see where God leads me and to see Him continue to work in my own heart and the lives of the children I love so much.

God is good. All the time!!!

Blessings in this new year,

Lily Fluharty