Lily's kids

Lily's kids

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Define orphan

Define an orphan...

If you asked me that a few years ago
the first thing that would pop into my
head is an adorable little three year old
who eventually gets adopted and lives
happily ever after! Now that is not the case.
Unfortunately, many orphans don't get adopted.
Even if they are adopted... that isn't the end of
the story. Most orphans have attachment disorders
and other things like that. Many are special needs
that can never be adopted. In Russia, at the age of
16, the children are kicked out of the orphanage.
10% of them commit suicide after leaving.
In Russia, there are over 700,000 orphans
in orphanages. There are 1.2 million others on
the streets! That is just in russia! It is amazing
to think that while we are sitting in America,
there are children all over the world with no place
to sit and no family to love!
Please pray for these children! I know we
can't help every orphan but we can pray
that God will be with them and save them!

1 comment:

themissionofachristian said...

Hey Lily!

I really like your blog! I can see you have a love for these orphans, and that these posts are from the heart!

This post is very touching! I'll be praying!

I look forward to reading more! Keep it up!