Lily's kids

Lily's kids

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Don't take things for granted

Our nation is so blessed! Everything we have we take for
granted. Our food, clothing, cities, even family... all this
is taken for granted. Imagine being a mother and waking
up your children in a little shack surrounded by garbage.
They are crying for food but you have nothing to give them.
You mix salt with water to give them some taste and
something to fill their little stomachs. That is normal in
third world countries. In America, we complain if we don't
have food whenever we feel like it. We expect to wake up
tomorrow and there will be food, clothes and a home
ready for us, just like today. No, we must realize that
what we have, God has given us.

So... what can we do??? First and foremost we can pray...
pray for the people in countries where food is NOT taken
for granted, pray that we as a country will not take things
for granted but share what we have in abundance. And
give, donate food, clothes or time to local organizations
that help the poor. Also thank God for what He HAS
given you! God bless


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