Lily's kids

Lily's kids

Friday, April 2, 2010

I Count

Here is an Essay I wrote for a contest called Being an American: I Count

I live in a culture where I'm judged by my appearance, what I wear and what I listen to. My generation is filled with superficial masks that people hide behind to be accepted. I want to show the next generation that it is not about what you look like but about who you really are, when no one is watching. I've been called old-fashioned. If standing up for what you believe in and not conforming to what everyone else is doing is considered old-fashioned, then I am guilty as charged.
With so many of today's headlines filled with violence, I want to tell people about the peace that fills my life in spite of the chaos around me. My peace comes from Jesus Christ. As a teen, I have a chance to make a difference and I have a voice that can address difficult issues. I cannot make America a better place on my own, but I know that I have something unique to offer. Me.

God bless!


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