Lily's kids

Lily's kids

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Filled with joy

How has over a month passed since I returned to Bolivia???

It's been filled with...

Caring for 9 little ones and loving 67 more!
My Bolivian family :)

-early mornings and sleepy faces
-cutting 90 tiny finger and toe nails
-Lots of hugs and kisses each day
-learning how to be patient and laugh
-hearing "Tia Lily" thousands of times each day
-keeping a clean house :) Not easy with little ones
-washing many clothes by hand
-bathing little ones each day
-night time devotions and singing "Jesus loves me" in English
-playing soccer with the older kids
-piojos ;)
-spanish praise music and dancing at night with the kiddos
-the goodnight routine which involves kisses from all my little men
-laughter and me not being able to stop smiling

It has been an amazing month. God is at work here at Casa de Esperanza and I have been blown away at the multiple opportunities to share with the older kids.

God continues to teach me to REST in Him because He has accomplished all things. To rest in His love and joy and to trust His PERFECT plan. Amazed by His goodness to me!

Also welcome to another new little one. Lolina is 4 years old and was living with an elderly grandfather. She cannot walk or talk and we are praying that God would heal her little body. Beautiful smile and beautiful eyes. And the best giggle.

Thank you for your prayers and love! Blessings from Bolivia!


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Kristi said...

Beautiful Lils! What is/are piojos?? May God continue to give you strength, patience and grace far above and beyond your own! Mammal