Lily's kids

Lily's kids

Monday, February 10, 2014

Rainy update

It has been raining nonstop for the past 2 weeks.

Makes it a lot harder to hang clothes out to dry.
Everything is MUD. Good thing the kids have rubber boots.
The road to Casa de Esperanza from town is really bad right now (super slippery mud) and our means of transportation are limited which means quite a few days that the kids are missing school.

Ironically we haven't had water in the houses for the past four days... so we've been collecting rain water to wash dishes and to clean the house and use in the bathrooms. The joys of living in Bolivia! :)

I've definitely taken water and sunshine for granted in the past!

Juanes and Javier on their first day of Kindergarten
There's been a LOT of changes this past week.

School started for all the kids and four of my littles started kindergarten and they are SO excited.
They love their uniforms and their new shoes and backpacks. So cute!!!

Three of my oldest kids in my house (they started first grade) ended up switching to different houses and little baby Emanuel moved in to my home. The noise level has been reduced significantly. It literally makes me laugh how loud my house can be at times. 8 kids.

Emanuel fell asleep talking on the phone
Enjoying each new day with these crazy kiddos. They make me laugh as they learn and laugh and play.  Their getting soooo big!!!

God continues to blow me away with His love. Living alone in a different country is definitely an adventure and not always easy and God continues to teach me to cast ALL my cares upon Him. Resting in His faithful arms.

So much love from Bolivia!!!

Please be praying for...
-Water!!! That the mud wouldn't clog the pipes and that we could get water ASAP in the houses
-For my 4 kindergarteners that they would be able to thrive in the classroom
-For baby Emanuel as he adjusts to our house. (He's such a good baby)

Thank you all! Lots of love!!!!!

In Christ who blesses me abundantly,
Lily Fluharty

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Andrea Meneses said...

Praying for you Lily. No water...that something I really don´t miss living here in the city :S.
God bless you! See you soon hopefuly! Andrea