Lily's kids

Lily's kids

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Kopila Valley Children's Home

Kopila Valley Children's Home is a wonderful home in Nepal that
takes in children who need love and support. Maggie Doyne,
a young woman from NJ started the home after a back-packing
trip in Nepal where she saw all the children needing help. Through
Kopila Valley Children's Home, Maggie has taken in dozens of
children and helped enroll over eighty children into school. Maggie
is a wonderful example of giving yourself to help the least of these.
In her info, maggie says, "I truly believe that if every child in the
world is provided with their most basic needs and rigts- a safe
home, medical care, an educaton, and love, they will grow to be
leaders and end cycles of poverty and violence in our world."
Click the link to go to Kopila Valley Children's Home website and
learn more about Maggie and what she's doing to help the children
of Nepal.

God bless!


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