Lily's kids

Lily's kids

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Serey's story: Love 146

Wow. This is an amazing story of hope and healing. Love 146 is doing an amazing job of rescuing and restoring these precious children and giving them life back. And this trafficking does not just happen over seas. It happens every day, every night right here in America. It happens to young young children living out on the streets. Children who are enslaved and who are terrified. Children filled with shame. Young girls who are lost and afraid. Children who are treated like garbage by pimps and people who use them like commodities. But there is hope for these girls. Love 146 is out rescuing children. There are also many other homes rescuing these children off the streets. And Jesus loves them. He is there for them. He is there to give them hope. Check out Love 146 and find out more about sex trafficking and what can be done. God bless!


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