Lily's kids

Lily's kids

Monday, October 8, 2012

2 months!!!

Happy 2 months in Bolivia!

Today I...
-Got lots of hugs from my wonderful listeners in the Guarderia
-Got told "My name isn't Juanes anymore, it's tweety-bird" by a 4 year old
-Killed a cockroach

-Talked all through a yummy lunch with my sweet little friend Ariel
-Washed and washed and washed clothes by hand :)
-Tickled a VERY ticklish, toothless 8 year old
-Laughed after little Andres dropped a spoon and searched and searched for it until realizing it was right under his foot! haha
-Helped cook a birthday dinner for Dani
-Ate yummy dinner and LAUGHED at some very crazy boys
-Hung out and talked with the Tia and one of the older girls

Crazy how much craziness happens in one day. Always lots to do and lots of laughter. Times where it's really hard too but the happy moments outshine the rough ones. God is so very good!

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