Lily's kids

Lily's kids

Monday, October 1, 2012

Learning to laugh

The other night at Concha I said a phrase and immediately all the boys started laughing and mocking me. And I knew I had said something wrong. When they finally stopped laughing enough to explain it, I realized I had said something REALLY bad and was faced with two options. I could get embarrassed or I could just laugh at myself cuz it was an honest mistake. So I laughed and laughed and am still laughing at the many mistakes I make each and every day.

I love learning how to laugh at myself and see how God has a sense of humor. He has a sense of humor in giving me 4 sisters and then placing me here with 15+ boys ages 11-14 which always includes lots of make fun of Lily times which usually makes me laugh.

Last night after I had just gotten into La Paz, two Bolivian friends and I were talking about life plans and one said that his old neighbor had lots of plans but died without doing anything. So go and do something. Live and enjoy this life that God has given us. Laugh. Give everything to God in prayer and then do it. God will direct you and guide you. But don't wait. Our lives are short and quick and we are given this time to live and glorify God.

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