Lily's kids

Lily's kids

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Summer program

Summer Vacations for the kids. And I have a lot of work!                                                              -Every morning I have the Guarderia and continue to work with the 14 little ones working on getting ready for kindergarten. Really love working with these little guys. They are a joy and LOVE learning.                                                                                     -Then directly after the Guarderia is a devocional that just started. Needing lots of prayer as lots of the kids don’t want to participate and see it as boring and as a waste of time. I am the leader of 10 boys all ages 13 and 14. It is a hard group but I know God has a plan for placing me with them. There is a couple from Holland here helping me lead it but they don’t speak Spanish. Each day I’m learning more on the best way to get the boys to listen. Lots of questions and patiently (or not so patiently) waiting for the boys to settle down and listen. Please be praying that God would really be at work in this work. Been encouraging to see some honesty as we talk about questions like “Are you a Christian?” And I get 9 boys saying “No”, one saying “Yes” and another saying “sometimes”. Be praying that God would change the “No” to a “YES!” God knows these boys hearts and LOVES them. Pray that God would save them. We are all lost and rejecting Christ before God breaks through.                                                                         -I also just got handed the reigns to being completely in charge of the summer program as the lady who was in charge suddenly quit during the first week of summer vacations. Every afternoon I am in charge of planning a daily activity for all the kids. So in the process of changing and reworking the program to make it more fun for ALL the kids at the same time and easier to run. Some of the things on the schedule... Trip to waterfalls, bikes, scavenger hunts, game days with all the board games and legos, Wally ball, soccer tournaments, swimming, videos, team competitions, talent contest, a camp fire and lots more... It’s always an adventure getting 40 to all participate especially with all the different ages. This will be very interesting and I’m hoping that the kids have fun! Last night we had a campfire and earlier in the day several older kids and I made 300 pancakes! Really fun day with lots of dancing!
Some of the pancakes!

Easy to feel overwhelmed.  Then I am reminded again and again that my strength and rock is Christ. I can do NOTHING on my own. Every bit of strength I have is found in Jesus. And all I have to do is call upon His name. I am weak. I am helpless. I am impatient. But Christ in me makes me strong. He is my help. He is the one who shows me what it is to be patient and loving. And I have joy in the fact that it is not me who lives, but Christ who lives in me. 
With Jacob on our way to the waterfalls
Just read this quote this morning in Morning and Evening by CH. Spurgeon “Whatever you do for Christ, throw your whole soul into it.”                                                                                                              
Reminded each and every day that even if there are hard moments, it's the joyous moments I want to remember and focus on. God is so very good to me! So blessed.
Lots of love from Bolivia!!!

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Love it Lily! God's grace is all over you!

Much love,