Lily's kids

Lily's kids

Thursday, January 17, 2013


Just a few randoms and what God is continually teaching me. So amazed by His love for me. Things continue to go well here! Been lots of sun this week which is super encouraging after 2 weeks of rain. It's mango season so we've all been eating more than our fill of fresh mangos. Delicious!
After walking through the mountains for 6 hours... we were tired

All the kids get new clothes this week for the new year. All the old, dirty, torn clothes get turned into rags for washing and cleaning and they all get to walk around in brand new (or slightly used) clothes and they are all super excited. This morning Brayan, one of the little boys in my house, comes running up to me and very proudly pulled down his pants to show me that he had on his BRAND NEW boxers! Made me smile!

With the beautiful Jasmin
The new obsession here with all the boys is basketball. Every second of every day you can hear a basket ball being dribbled somewhere here in Casa de Esperanza. Love it. Last week we had a tournament with 4 teams. Really fun but I came away with tons of blisters on my feet. The joys of playing sports on hot concrete barefoot.

David and his sweet smile
Rejoice in the Lord ALWAYS. There are some days where I forget this. Where I'm tired and just want to sleep. Or where my patience is gone. And then I am reminded that my strength doesn't come from me. And I can rejoice in that. I can rejoice that I CAN'T do it by myself. And that I NEED Jesus. I rejoice because He has PROMISED to NEVER leave me alone.

So rejoice in this day. This is the day that the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it. This is the  day that God has given us. So live it to His glory. Because tomorrow is a new day and this day will be gone. So use each day to glorify our Father.

God bless! ~Lily

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