Lily's kids

Lily's kids

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Quick update :)

April is here!!! Quick post today but hopefully will be able to send a better update later this week...
a few quick updates...

Tomorrow is Tio Fidel's birthday (the director of CDE) which means a delicious lunch! YAY!!!

So happy to have Jessa up here 24/7 since she finished her CEC course. Love her and am continually blessed by her!

I'm switching houses. Going to be the Head Tia in house number 5. So sad to leave house number 3 and the kiddos. Especially little Peniel. But excited for this opportunity to grow and love more! So be praying as I am now solely in charge of 8 other kids. Patience and grace and wisdom.

7 more weeks before I head home. Where have the last 7+ months gone?

So blessed to see God at work. He is good. I don't deserve His love for me!!! Hope you all had a wonderful Easter!!! The Lord is RISEN from the dead. He has defeated death by death.

Love to you all!!!!!

with all the tias

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