Lily's kids

Lily's kids

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Finally internet :)

On my last 3 weeks here in Bolivia. Lack of posts due to lack of internet... thank for your patience. :) The last 2 weeks have been exhausting but good. Learned lots and God is gracious in teaching me patience. I need lots of it when raising 8 kiddos on my own. Especially teenagers. Wow! It’s hard. But been really encouraged to have some great LATE night conversations with the older two teens in my house. Blessed to see God opening doors.

Here’s some of the stuff that’s I’ve been busy with...
-homework with all the kiddos
-cleaning and keeping a clean house
-Cutting up and processing meat with the other tias
-cooking yummy dinners on mondays
-raising 8 kids :) ooftah it’s exhausting sometimes
-picnic at the river on my free day with some dear friends

I am writing this on my birthday (April 30th) and not sure when I will actually post this. Been a super low key birthday. The tias surprised me with a cake and coca-cola and gave me encouragement and pointed out evidences of grace. So encouraged by these lovely ladies who work so hard each and every day for these kids. It is a nonstop job. 6 in the morning till sometimes 11 at night. Every day. Every second. God is at work in these ladies lives. So grateful for these last 20 years of my life and am excited to see where God leads in this next year. I know I can leave my life and plans in His hands because He has a perfect plan for me. And He will open and close doors with His perfect timing. So blessed to be in HIM! 

Bittersweet as my last 3 weeks fly by. So excited to see my family and all my friends in the States but so sad to be leaving these kids for 2 months. Lord willing I’ll be back here in Bolivia by the end of the summer and spend another year serving and loving these beautiful children. God is good. I wish I could explain better my love for these kids but I can’t. They have been through so much. Have so much pain in their hearts and sometimes don’t know how to express it and it comes out as hatred and mean words that hurt. But deep down their looking for love. What they NEED is God’s love. That washes and repairs and heals and SAVES. And I can show them a glimpse of that love because of God’s love for me that spills over into their tiny hearts. 

Super huge thank you to all of you who read this blog, who are praying and supporting me, and all who are praying for these kids. This has been a crazy journey and God has been so faithful. 9 months are coming to a close and another year is coming up. I am so blessed and amazed at God’s goodness. Lots of love from Bolivia.

~Tia Lily :)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful Lily. Thank you for what you are doing. God bless you in all the time you have yet at Casa de Esperanza!

A big hug to you and eveyone,
from Italy,


Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Mama