Lily's kids

Lily's kids

Friday, May 17, 2013

Last week!

Last week here in Bolivia!!! So sorry for the lack of posts... been a crazy month.

Changes in the houses meant that all the youngest kids ended up coming to live in my house. So now I am working alongside another Tia with 9 little kids ages 2-5. Really sweet. Lots of work but also lots of love and kisses and hugs every day!

Heading home next week! It has been an incredible 9 months that has flown by. God has been so good and gracious and FAITHFUL this whole trip. My heart explodes with love for these beautiful children. Can't wait to come back here to love on them!!! Excited to see my family and friends back at home in the States and to eat some yummy food!!! Bittersweet though. Just glad that it's not goodbye but see you soon to my kiddos here.  Leaving my heart in Bolivia!

Will post lots more once I get home!!! And lots of pics coming! :) Hooray for better internet! 

Love to you all!!!! Be praying for safe travels please!!!! God bless and blessings and hugs from Bolivia!!!


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