Lily's kids

Lily's kids

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Mi Casa

Welcome to Casa Number 5. This is where I spend each and every waking moment caring for these cuties. It's a LOT of work but such a joy. These kids are awesome. Super hilarious and I never have a day where I am not laughing. These kids light up my world.

Juanes looking pretty awesome in his shades

Ismael being a cutie

Andres was pretty excited with these punching gloves

Febe all ready for Kindergarten 


Love David's smile

Javier playing in the park

2 Tias... 10 kids

Ismael, Tia Elsa, Diana, Elisabet, Juanes, Febe, Andres, David, Tia Lily, Peniel, Javier

Peniel playing in the concha

Me with my boys
Can't wait to get back to my cuties!!! God is good!!!

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