Lily's kids

Lily's kids

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Not just numbers

65 orphans.
20 kids who's parents work full time at CDE.
20+ who have graduated but are still a part of CDE.
12 full time staff (24 hours a day)
5 (working 8-5)  cooks, ladies in charge of education and supplies and our amazing "uncle" who does ALL the handywork and driving.

These are the people I have grown to love. There are so many names to match the beautiful smiles and deep eyes. I have stories about each of them. They aren't just numbers. They are beautiful blessings and I give thanks to God every day for them. I can't wait to see them in August!

Like goofy little Brayan and how he is always showing me his superhero moves. Like Hulk, Captain America, Thor...

Goofball Brayan

I miss adorable Jacob and his awesome karate kid moves...

Playing with Jacob
Jazmin and her giant hugs each day...

My sweetie Jazmin
Laughing at how ticklish Carlos is...

Carlos... coolest kid ever
Hanging out with Rosemery and hearing her giggle...
Rose and Lily

Seeing precious Lily smile...

Lily <3 td="">

Love these beautiful kids. Their not just numbers. God has a special plan for each one. And He loves them ALL. God is so good and I don't deserve it. Love to you all!!!!!

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Kristi Fluharty said...

Beautiful. Love this.