Lily's kids

Lily's kids

Saturday, October 5, 2013

What's my life?

I have a day off today. A day to rest and be quiet and hear silence. A day to recharge. A day to rest. Been learning so much about resting. Which makes me smile even writing that because here in Bolivia I am so very busy.

9 of the kiddos in my home
6:00 my alarm rings and then it is nonstop. 

Kiddos to wake up and sometimes bathe, pijamas and dirty sheets to wash, a house to clean, hair to put into little pigtails,  breakfast to make, dirty faces to wash, getting them of to Kindergarten, playing and dealing with tiny fights, lunchtime, getting the 2 boys off to Kindergarten, more clothes to wash, fingernails to clip, lice to look for and kill, children to play with and sing with and talk with, a MOUNTAIN of clothes to fold each day (haha this never ends), more children to bathe, eating dinner, singing songs and reading Bible stories, tucking little ones into bed and kissing them goodnight... Then the house to straighten up, dishes to wash, talking and laughing with the other Tia and finally crashing into bed. 

My 5 boys
And in all of this I am learning to rest. To rest in God. Because in the midst of all the chaos and the activity I am His and He is mine. I am complete in Christ. I am going to mess up, get frustrated with any number of little things, or respond poorly or lose my patience but I know that I am forgiven. I am loved. And in that love I can rest. And because of that love I can love.

It fills me with so much joy! And it also fills me with so much energy to continue loving and serving and living here with my 10 little crazies because I know that each day that I have here is a gift and is part of God's plan for me. So I rest in His plan. I don't have to worry about tomorrow because I know that God will be with me tomorrow!

Isn't that amazing!?
Lolina, the newest little one in Casa de Esperanza

The other night one of the older girls ended up crying to me and told me that she is so tired of feeling alone and lost. As we sat talking I shared with her that God has a plan for her. We don't know what plans God has for us. It could be something big and amazing or something small and simple. We don't have to know the details. But His plan is that we live with Him. We live with Him and FOR Him. 

The boys here looooove Lecrae and one of his songs goes "What's my life if it's not praising you?"

I want my life to SING praises to Jesus. Because without Him I am nothing.

Please continue praying for these children! Especially be praying for the older kids!

Much love and blessings from Bolivia!


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