Lily's kids

Lily's kids

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Journal entries part 1

Excerpts from my daily journal... raising 10 kids can be crazy sometimes...

10/9/13 I had about a million plates to wash and the house to clean. This morning we slept in a little bit (It's 6:50) which felt so good. Gonna give the kids deworming medication and I'm not looking forward to finding worms in July's basin. Here we go...

10/10/13 Heading to La Paz on Sunday for my visa and were going to stay at Hotel Presidente which totally blessed my socks off which also means... BACON! I could cry from being so happy.

10/17/13 Sometimes I get scared to pray the prayer of "Shatter my expectations." But I know God has greater things for me than I could ever expect let alone imagine. So I pray that God will shatter my expectations and explode my heart with himself and His glory. I am so in need of my Savior. I fail daily and I don't have strength. I am of little fiath. I praise God my salvation has nothing to do with me and everything to do with my Jesus. I am broken and needy. But God loves me and sees me as precious. How amazing this beautiful grace. I am undone by it because I continue to fall short and God continues to forgive and love me.

10/18/13 Andres, Javier, Juanes and Ismael came into my room and all fell asleep with me in my bed. So adorable. Oh I loved that feeling of little ones all piled up.

10/22/13 It rained super hard last night which I absolutely loooove sleeping to. So amazingly beuatiful. Only July wet the bed last night which is awesome.

10/23/13 Woke up this morning singing praise. Oh how beautiful is my Savior and how in need of Him I am. Oh praise His holy name. Now to get Febe to finish her oatmeal in time for school. Let the breakfast war begin.

10/24/13 4 kids who didn't want to obey. A screaming Eli, July who didn't want to eat breakfast, Javier who threw his full cup of oatmeal against the wall and Juanes who got soaked playing with water. It was a few minutes of chaos.

10/25/13 Good morning until Andres pooped all over the floor. Grody.  Still raining and I feel like Pooh bear keeping his honeypots dry but I'm keeping 10 kids dry and clothes from getting muddy.

10/30/13 Just woke up Febe and every morning the first thing she does is wrap her arms around my neck and gives me a kiss on the cheek. This morning she whispered "I love you". Awww my heart.

11/2/13 Didn't sleep last night because July's fever came back and she was up crying. So I finally just brought her to my bed at 4 am. But Eli saw and started crying and almost screaming until I finally calmed her down and got her back to sleep.

11/4/13 I had a little boy aske me, "Can I ask you a question? Why are you so white?"

11/6/13 I scrubbed the bathrooms and also used the matchete to cut grass. So it was a morning with lots of muscles.

Lots of love from Bolivia! I will be sharing some more pieces from my journals soon! 
~Lily and the kiddos


Anonymous said...

Dear Lily: I think your parents must be so proud of you. I guess they cry every time you write :).
I´m sure the Lord is being glorified for your service. Thank you for loving the kidds...
May God continue blessing you.

Thomas Fluharty said...

Dear Lils, I gott a say how much this post blesses me. Its filled with evidences of Grace. I have it on my iphone and plan on reading it to our small group. Love you so much ~Papa