Lily's kids

Lily's kids

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!!! What a wonderful Christmas we had with all the children and staff. It was such an amazing time to celebrate Christ's birth and to be together with the entire family of Casa de Esperanza.

God works in amazing ways and truly provided for the kids this year in a miraculous way. There was no money for 150 Christmas gifts needed for all the children, staff and graduated kids who returned to celebrate. But God is bigger than budgets and the large amount of money needed and blew me away as He provided through my church with double the amount needed. God is bigger than my doubts and my limited expectations! Praise Him!

All the children opened up their presents with HUGE smiles on their faces. All the little ones received toy cars and animals, the boys received awesome new skateboards which they are putting to good use (I have almost gotten ran over too many times to count) and the older girls got new towels and waterproof watches. Lots of smiles and laughter on Christmas night.

Some of the highlights...
*The boys waking up early Christmas morning going, "Tia Lily! It's Christmas!!!"
*Javier eating his "potato juice" as he called it (mashed potatoes)
*Peniel carrying her present with the BIGGEST smile on her face
*Watching all the boys MASTER their skateboards

Huge thank you for everyone who donated for the children's Christmas gifts. It is such a blessing and I am so encouraged and humbled to see God blow our prayer out of the water and provide double of what was needed. Thank you!

Much love from Bolivia and sending lots of hugs and kisses from the little ones.

In Christ Jesus,
Lily Fluharty

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Kristi F. said...

Beautiful, Lils. SGC truly is a generous body of believers. We all love you and love the little ones in your care... The big ones, too. Praying for you! Mama