Lily's kids

Lily's kids

Monday, March 3, 2014

Smells like onion

My hands still smell like onions.

Saturday night I stayed up until 1am cutting up onions with the older girl in my home.

It was her turn to stay in the kitchen and cook for everyone on Sunday and she had two buckets with onions, carrots and potatoes to peel and cut.

We laughed and played and cried onion tears. We laughed more when we couldn't even open our eyes because of the onion tears.

I was exhausted and just wanted to sleep.

But we kept cutting up onions, and cutting up carrots and I kept scraping away at the pot of rice which I had accidentally burnt. Whoops.

This past week was a week of...

All the houses getting sprayed for bugs which meant we had our eyes burning from the chemicals for two days. Monday night we pulled our mattresses outside to  "sleep". I finally fell asleep at 4:30 am with four little ones taking up my whole mattress with Peniel's foot in my face, Javier sleeping with my pillow, Ely sprawled out on half of my mattress and July snuggling my blanket. It made me smile.

Spontaneous water fights in my house with the other Tia (house mom) that I work with and the kids. The kitchen very quickly turned into a lake as we all got SOAKED and the little ones just started up at us. So much fun.

This weekend is Carnival which means lots of water balloons and getting ambushed by boys with buckets of water and more water balloons. I have the day off today and am catching up on rest.

One of my little guys looked up at the sky earlier this week and goes, "Tia Lily!!! Look, the sky is sooooo clean!!!" I looked up at the clear sky which had some wispy white clouds. "God is cleaning the sky with his clouds!!!" he explained to me. So sweet.

There are hard days and good days and days where the smell doesn't leave my hands.

The smell of onion reminds me of nights that I don't want to forget.

God is good. In the good moments and the hard ones.

He is faithful. When I'm tired or when I'm hyper.

God is love. He shows me every day.

He is strong. He knows my weaknesses and lifts me up.

God is mine. And I am His.

So blessed by my beautiful Savior.

Much love from Bolivia!!!

Lily Fluharty


Thomas Fluharty said...

I weep at your words. I love you precious Lily!~P

Anna said...

As I do too!!! What grace and love!! I stand in awe of God at work! Thanks for declaring his faithfulness Lily!!!