Lily's kids

Lily's kids

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Team coming!

Nothing quite so special as having one of my little ones falling asleep in my arms.
There is a sense of trust and love as their eyes get heavy and as they snuggle down deeper into me and relax and breathe deeply. It fills my heart with a strong love and sense of protection for these little ones.

I am so excited for this next week!

A team from my church from Minnesota and 2 other sister churches are on their way to Bolivia right now! They will be serving here at Casa de Esperanza and putting on a  new roof, working on the water system, painting, helping out with the kids and the houses and as many other things as they can do. I am so excited to have them here!

The part that I am SUPER excited for is that my mama is coming for the first time! So excited to see her and share my life here with her! It's been two years of my parents supporting and encouraging me to follow God's calling in my life. I know it's not easy for them to let me go and let me live so far away in a different country, speaking a different language and raising kids that they can't really even communicate with because of a language barrier. I have been so amazed to see their trust in God as they continue trusting Him and being so supportive and loving. I am so blessed! So excited to share my life here with my mama! :)

So blessed by you all! Thank you for all your love and prayers and support. So blessed!

Been amazed by God's love for me lately. It's been such an intense week of feeling God delighting and loving me in an intense way. Seriously so amazed that He delights in using little old me when He could do it all by Himself. Sometimes I picture Him smiling and laughing down at me as I live my life. It's like how I laugh and smile as my little Emanuel tries to walk clumsily. He's learning and trying and pressing forward and I hold unto his little hand so he doesn't fall. God does the same with us... He delights in us holding onto His strong hands and trusting Him so that we don't fall down.

So many blessings and much love from me and all the kiddies!
In Christ Jesus who blesses us beyond compare,

Lily Fluharty

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Teresa Beardsley said...

My name is Teresa Beardsley, I am bolivian and a Jesus Christ believer.
A group of us, approx(10)? ladies from an Spanish Ministry Mujeres de la Palabra, CA, have been praying and got confirmation to go to La Paz next July 16-22.
We would like to know if we could visit the orphanage.
I just read there is a request for funds for a truck? please confirm.

Also what other needs do you/orphanage have?. We would love to share it with our local churches here.
We know & grew up with Lily Amonzabel, (she led me to The Lord over 30 years ago) who is the wife of the Head of Vida y Verdad school in La Paz, she mentioned that her congregation works with the orphanage.
Please feel free to write me, if you have time Hee
Thanks in advance