Lily's kids

Lily's kids

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Picture Post!!!

Picture post!!! Just because they are waaaaayyyyyy too cute!
Peniel (3)… precious and sweet. I don't have words for the love I have for this little one. Blessed every night as she asks me to pray for her heart and as we sing "Jesus loves me" together. 

Eriks (8) and Ariel (14)… Love these two goofballs. This whole week they've been in pursuit of a random cat… I love finding them crawling out of the really tall grass, grinning ear to ear telling me that they ALMOST touched the cat! Oh these  boys!

A couple of my kiddos… July, Javier, Mari Ros, Juanes and Peniel… Tia Time before bed… how many kids can fit in my bed???

Sabina (7 months) and Grace Abigail (5 months)… these two little ones are as precious as can be. It has been a joy having Sabina in my home and both little girlies are growing so quickly!
Josue (11)… LOVE getting my hug from him EVERY single day. 

Ezequiel (15) and Antonio (15)… the older boys here ALWAYS make my day. They are goofy, hilarious and super sweet. aaaaaand you can't forget how cool they are! ;)

Kids, kids and more kids… never a dull moment here! 

Lolina (5)… SUPER EXCITING NEWS!!! Lolina is walking on her own. This is an amazing miracle and such a blessing. This little one arrived with severe special needs. God has done miracle after miracle with beautiful Lolina as she slowly responded to the love and care here. She is now eating on her own and just started to walk! Praise God!!!

Blessings and love from the beautiful mountains of Bolivia!!! God is amazing and I love seeing Him work in the lives here at Casa de Esperanza. Praise His holy name!!!

Much love,
~Lily Fluharty


Kristi F. said...

Love these kids! Love this post, Lily!

Kristi F. said...

Love these kids! Love this post, Lils!