Lily's kids

Lily's kids

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ecuador Day 3

Day 3 was the third day in Ecuador and the first day with Kevin, my sponsored child. We drove up up up into the mountains and the scenery is absolutely breathtaking! I mean green pastures and the mountains... wow! When we arrived at the park (which was a really nice park coverin over an acre) we were assigned to a color. I was blue and we were the last group to head into the soccerfield where our kids were waiting. I saw Kevin pretty quick but it took a while for him to finally see him. It was amazing to see him run towards me and be able to hug him for the first time after over 4 years of writing and praying over this little boy, to be able to hug him was one of the best and most rewarding moments of my life.I also got to meet his mom, Doris and his tutor. Kevin was a little shy when we first met so I handed him the soccer ball I had brought and he showed off some amazing skills. Kevin then handed me a beautiful scarf that he made for me on his fingers! The kid has got some amazing talent. He also handed me a small worn teddybear. He told me that it is his favorite toy and he wanted to give it to me because it was the best gift he could give. This completely floored me and I was so blessed and thankful to recieve that simple. We then went swimming in a HEATED pool and although Kevin was a little nervous in the water, he did show me some freaky backflips he chucked off the side of the pool. During lunch, we were able to talk and I was able to learn alot about his family and Kevin's interests and hobbies. When he grows up, he wants to be either a lawyer of a policeman so he can help and protect people. He loves animals and Kevin told me that he takes care of his neighbours dogs. It made me laugh when I found out he named one of the neighbour dogs after my dog who he asks about in every letter. After lunch we played soccer and let me tell you, that kid is amazing with the soccerball! He was dribbling and kicking right around me. We had a blast and were able to bond alot through the game. We also had the opportunity to go on paddle boats and walk around and explore the park. Earlier in the day, Kevin asked me what my favorite food is and my answer like most Americans was PIZZA! To my joy, I was able to buy Kevin his first ever piece of pizza and we split it. He loved it! :) The first day with Kevin was amazing! I learned so much about him and the second day which I'll post soon was even more amazing! I have some videos which I'll try to post too! God bless! ~Lily

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bronteelizabeth said...

Wow. That's so awesome! It must've been an amazing trip!