Lily's kids

Lily's kids

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ecuador Day 4 Part 1

Day 4 was one of the most amazing days of the trip. We got to spend a second day with Kevin. Our group of about 50 sponsors arrived at a park early in Sunday morning which happened to be Father's Day. When the kids arrived, Kevin was much more talkative and open. He gave me a wooden box that he made that said "With Much Love, Kevin"

We then had a short church service where one of the Compassion directors who works in Ecuador just thanked the sponsors and teachers and parents. We sang a few songs in English and then a few in Spanish which was fun. During lunch, Kevin was talking alot and smiling and he was really happy when my dad drew a picture of him.

After lunch, we had a few hours left with Kevin so we went to see a few sheep and goats at the park. On our way to see the animals, my dad picked up a few fallen oranges and showed Kevin how to juggle. After about four or five trys, Kevin could juggle three pretty well! He is a good student! :)

I then told Kevin I had some gifts for him but first he told me he had a surprise for me. He told me to close my eyes and then he placed something in my hands. I opened my eyes to see a beautiful little elephant statue. I was so surprised! I told Kevin it is my favorite animal and he grinned and told me "I know!"

I then handed him his backpack full of gifts I had brought with me. It was such a blessing to see him hold up each gift and smile. Even the little things like socks for his dad were delighted over.

I'll post part 2 later!


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