Lily's kids

Lily's kids

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Today in the paper, there was a small column about a filthy abortion clinic in Philadelphia. At this abortion clinic, the doctor would perform abortions for immigrant and minority women. The horrible thing was that many times, the babies were born and then murdered. When I read this I was overcome with sorrow at the loss of these lives. But it reminded me of how many babies are aborted each day, each month, each year. And why is it that only when the baby is born alive is it considered murder? The thing that was the heaviest on my heart was that this was not on the front of the paper but merely a small section in the middle. And that American's will see this, as the paper called it... a "horror". In quotation marks. Not a HORROR, but merely an inconvenience to these babies who will never have a chance to live. Do we see abortion at any stage as murder or as murder only when they are alive? Which one affects us more deeply and why? Do we see abortion as the world does, as merely something that is a problem but impossible to stop? And finally, what can we do to stop it?


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Laura said...

This breaks my heart, too, Lily... I'm right there with you.