Lily's kids

Lily's kids

Thursday, January 27, 2011

100 children

My thoughts tend to drift towards my passions :)
Who's don't? But this makes me really excited
about the next step in my life. Lord willing
I will be going to Africa late summer which
I am extremely excited about! When I was three,
I wanted to have 100 children and I proceeded
to make a list when I was five or six with the
numbers 1-100 and I started naming all 100
of my children. Here's an example...
1. Amy
2. Mary
3. Peter
4. John
5. Salomi...
You get the picture... And yes, I wanted a child
named Salomi but don't ask me why! :) Well
anyway... Over the years I continued to have
the desire to have 100 children and as I wanted
to help orphans. As a three year old, I didn't care
how those 100 children came, I just knew I
could love and care for them, Now that I'm a
little older... I know that I personally cannot
have 100 children physically :) ow! But I still
want to help 100 children! It's crazy how God
can use a simple desire and continue to shape
it. And now it's almost here... a couple months
and I will hopefully be helping those children.
Who know's where God will lead! :) I appreciate
prayers as I start this journey! This blog should
start to get a lot more exciting... jk. All glory
to God! He is so amazing!


Laura said...

I know I don't post much, but I think your blog is exciting already :] It's so exciting to hear about the things the Lord is doing in your life, Lily! I'll continue to pray for you as you seek Him in all that you do :]

Lily said...

Thanks! :) I really appreciate it! So excited for Baby Hawkins!!!

Becca said...

So encouraging to see God's grace at work in your life, Lily! Love you, friend!