Lily's kids

Lily's kids

Monday, January 23, 2012

3 deadly words

So heavy but it is happening.
Please pray...
for the unborn girls who don't get a chance at life
for the baby girls who's life is taken so quickly
for the little girls who are neglected and abandoned
for the girls who are abused and not valued
for the girls who are commodities
for the young women used as slaves
for the young women raising their own children
for the women who are killing their baby girls

It is hard to hear about this. Someday there will be
no more heartache and pain. No more injustice and
death. But until that time we live in a fallen world.
Jesus loves these babies. He loves these girls. He
loves what He created. Jesus HATES sin. And Jesus
loved this world so much that He died for His creation.
He died for the babies.
He died for the girls.
He died for the boys.
He died for the mothers.
He died for the fathers.
He died for the abusers.
He died for the abused.
Jesus died to bring us to Himself.
Praise God for His love for us.
We cannot see the full picture of His love for us.
But praise God that He sent His son into the world.


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momof3cuties said...

Your words are beautiful Lily. Thanks for being a light in the world.