Lily's kids

Lily's kids

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Living in Love

After the team left, me and Jessa had 6 weeks where we moved up to our own little house up at Casa de Esperanza and we spent ALL day with the kids. And we fell in love with it! It was so fun having sharing a house even though we shared it with a HUGE dog Lowly and a million ants in our bathroom (but that's another story).
LOWLY!! My big buddy! You can always win a grumpy dog over with bread!

In the mornings, we would go to different houses every week and help out the Tia's with cleaning, washing clothes, helping with homework and hanging with the kids. I loved it! It was a great way to get to know the Tia's better and to get to see a bit of what they do every day. These Tia's work SO hard. It was so fun learning how to wash clothes by hand and a lot of times we would just end up laughing so hard with these Tia's.
Tia Ana with her three kids, Andres, Keyla and Samira
We would eat lunch together with all the kids which was a blast! :) And then me and Jessa would help out with more homework in the afternoons and then hang out with the kids before heading to our house for dinner. The days were long but I loved every minute.

Tia Erika- learned so much from her!
 It's a slower pace of life and I loved just sitting in the sunshine with a kid on my lap in silence. You can hear kids shouting and playing on the play ground but you just sit. And enjoy sunshine on your face, mountains all around and a little baby playing with your fingers. And as you kiss that babies soft little head you just fall in love over and over again. Every day, every moment, every child.

With Eric and baby Aron

Really miss the day to day stuff we did with the kids. stuff as simple as seeing them off to school, helping get their backpacks ready and giving them high fives. Really miss these beautiful children.


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