Lily's kids

Lily's kids

Monday, June 18, 2012

Beautiful Shantara

Whenever I think back on my trip to an orphanage in Jamaica in 2008 I am always reminded of two beautiful eyes and the beautiful smile that belonged to Shantara. She was a tiny orphan suffering from cerebral palsy. She couldn't walk or sit up, couldn't talk or feed herself but she was beautiful. Shantara had JOY radiating from her eyes and when she smiled it lit up the room. 

I just looked up the meaning of the name Shantara and my eyes filled up with tears.
"Bright eyed."
This little girl who couldn't talk spoke with her eyes. 

There was one night where my mom and I were able to love on her. She was sitting in my mom's arms as my mom sang to her. 
"At the cross, at the cross where I first saw the light
and the burden of my heart rolled away.
It was there by faith I received my sight.
And now I am Happy all the day.
And now Shantara's happy all the day!"
And whenever my mom sang "Happy" Shantara's face would light up and she would smile. A beautiful smile and in those smiles I saw Jesus in her eyes. And I knew that Jesus was alive in her heart. She couldn't tell me how she loved Jesus but she showed me through her smile and through her eyes. Whenever she heard His name, life came into those big beautiful eyes. 

It was this month in 2008 that Shantara passed away. It was hard to hear that this tiny girl had fought through so much and her life was so short but a joy to realize that she was now dancing and running in Heaven with Jesus. The little girl who showed me the love of Jesus in her eyes is now seeing Him face to face. And it's beautiful. She is beautiful. Jesus is beautiful.

God is good and sovereign. Over abandonment and loneliness. Over pain and fear. Over sorrow and confusion. Over weakness. Over illness and death. We may not know all the answers and know why a little girl was abandoned unable to talk or walk for a very short life. But I know beyond know that Jesus loves Shantara. He died for Shantara. And she was made in HIS image. In the image of her Heavenly father. And she was not alone. And now she is rejoicing and singing songs to her Savior.
What a wonderful God we serve.


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