Lily's kids

Lily's kids

Friday, June 15, 2012

What does "volver" mean?

I fell in love with...

Big dark brown eyes.
Tiny hands in mine.
Falling asleep to hundreds of crickets.
Perfect weather.
The Guarderia
Running down trails to town.
Tiny hands in mine.
Handwashing clothes.
Rice and Potatoes.
"Hermana Lily".
80+ hugs daily.
Fried banana..
Worshipping in Spanish.
Kia rides.
Frozen Jello.
Giant dogs.
Playing football in the Concha.
Eating snake.
Late night talks with Tias.
13 year old boys.
Dancing in my house to English music.
Every kind of fruit.
La Plaza. 
Casa de Esperanza.

I am going back!

And were SO excited!


Bex said...

Bolivia and Casa de Amor are going to be so happy/blessed to have you back, Hermana Lily! This country just takes your heart, doesn't it? Love you and excited to serve the same people together :)

Jameson and Diedra said...


Estamos emocionados para ti! Tu amor para los chicos de CDE es algo muy especial y esperamos que te podamos visitar en tu tiempo alli!

Bendiciones y gracia a ti!

Los Nass