Lily's kids

Lily's kids

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Wonderful week

Me with my mama in BOLIVIA!
This week was wonderful.

I think I literally felt EVERY emotion this week.

Sabina is getting SOOO BIG!
What a joy it was to have the team from Sovereign Grace Church here at Casa de Esperanza and to have my mama here with me. I will have some more blog posts coming about the team and the time with my mama :)

Kisses from my Peniel
Felt SO encouraged by the team and so well cared for by the pastors. We are truly blessed at Sovereign Grace Church by the leadership displayed by our pastors.

The week went by so fast and as the team had to leave two days early because of a miner's strike I am now processing everything. It was really hard to see them go but I will treasure the memories, the encouraging words, the prayers and hugs, the candy and chocolate left behind ;) and all the love that the team gave to me and the tias and the children here.

Mama with her "sons" -she gave them all English names
Steve, Kevin, Bobby, Mike and Andy :)
Felt so cared for. Sometimes being alone in a different country you forget how awesome it is for someone to come up and hug you and tell you "I love you" in English.

Thank you thank you thank you to everyone on the team and everyone who supported them! They were such a blessing here.

Amazed at God's never-ending love for us. Even when there are tears as the team left early… there was peace knowing that God was in control. Seriously in love with my Savior.

One other exciting bit of news… we welcomed a new little baby last week! Meet Grace Abigail who came at 2 days old and she is precious and already loved so much!

Meet Grace Abigail
Much love from Bolivia and Casa de Esperanza,
Lily Fluharty


tamaravt said...

Hello Lily
Here a word from Tamara from Holland. How nice it was that youre mom visit by.
Im glad you feeling blessed. I think now or in short time, Piet and Marijke will come over to Casa and i just hear it and forgot a letter and a present for Ely. So sorry. Im sad but she is in our hearts and keep on praying for her. Hope she is doing fine in casa and of course school. Maybe you can email me or fb me how she is doing? Would you like to do that? Have a blessed time there and thank you so much for caring for the children in Casa. A lot of blessings. Xxx Tamara and Johan

Thomas Fluharty said...

Awesome Lils!!!! You are my favorite missionary!!!! God is at work mightily through you precious! Love you~P