Lily's kids

Lily's kids

Saturday, April 19, 2014

New adventures

Life goes on and each day is a new adventure here.

Been working with the little ones in our house on obeying the first time and trying to help them become more independent which is important when there are 7 little ones ALWAYS needing help and not enough hands to help wipe noses, fill cups with water, button pants, help with homework and wash clothes. The list goes on… sometimes the chaos makes me laugh.

My cry is to lean on Christ and have Him fill me with His strength. When I try to do it on my own I fail. When I trust Him He wins!

Just got over two weeks of being sick and having stomach issues! Long story short… the hospital here in Caranavi is not so great… Feeling better now that I'm on the right antibiotic and after having an IV to help with dehydration and getting some vitamins back in me. Definitely an interesting experience :)

The two precious new babies, Sabina and Grace, are doing really well and are getting so big! We laugh at how much hair little Grace has.

Sending love and hugs from Bolivia!



Anna said...

Praying for you Lily. Trust God will grant health and strength. Thanks for your reminder of what we really need...Jesus! And you keep amazing me at the smiles and joyful laughter you have from the kiddos and amongst the chaos! A challenge for me to do more of. Love you!!

Anna said...
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Anna said...

Sorry, it was just a repeat comment!