Lily's kids

Lily's kids

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Stomach stuff

After 3 weeks of dealing with fun stomach issues and taking two very interesting trips to the hospital in caranavi where they tried guessing and giving me some different antibiotics which didn’t work. I had an IV to help with dehydration and to give me some more vitamins I had lost. The hospital really made me sad. The beds are never cleaned and the sheets never cleaned, there is rust and dust and spider webs all over. I felt like I needed a Tetnis shot from must being in there. The lines are crazy and there are so many people waiting, waiting, waiting. The patients were all taken care of and then without cleaning or even washing hands the doctors would then move on to the next patient. The pediatric section is even worse. 
So long story short... I am in La Paz. Went to the hospital last night and got a blood test and some other tests and am getting the results back on Saturday! I am finally hopefully on the right antibiotic so hopefully my stomach starts to like me again. It was also nice being in a nice, clean hospital. I felt like a little kid as I walked in. :) 
Thank you for all your prayers!!! Learning to trust God in the big and small! Awesome though how fast it all worked out! We got to La Paz super fast and I was able to be seen that night which sped up the process! God is good! 

Sometimes bacteria in your stomach is a blessing in disguise!
God bless!!!

I will post updates when I know a little more!!! 

Much love from Bolivia!!!
Lily Flu

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