Lily's kids

Lily's kids

Monday, August 25, 2014


I would love to tape one day of my life here and put it in fastforward and watch it back because I would look like a bee with 8 little bees surrounding me (plus 60 more) buzzing all around. 
Here’s a few random moments...
“I won’t sleep! I will pee in my pajamas and NEVER take off my wet underwear.” - one of my 5 year olds who didn’t want to go to sleep
We have been working on, and improving, the boys flushing the toilet after they go to the bathroom. I told Juanes that he needed to flush the toilet after he went... his response... “I’m only goin gto flush halfway because Ismael went first.” oooooh... the things these kids say!

This weekend we saw a helicopter... everyone freaked out and RAN to go watch... yup... even me! On Saturday morning, my 3 little girls heard the helicopter and ran outside to watch. “Tia Lily!!!! Your papa is coming!!!!!!!” It made me laugh. In my house we talk about planes quite a bit. “Tia Lily, where do you live? Tia Lily, where is your family? Tia Lily, where are Jessa and Ellie and Maddy and Patrick?” How do you explain it to a bunch of toddlers. “I live FAAAAAR away... (that’s when I point over mountain peaks probably in the wrong direction but they don’t know that) You have to take a couple airplane to get to my house.” So that is why when my little girls saw the airplane they thought my papa was on his way... I wish! 

Lots of hugs from Bolivia! Thank your or all your prayers and comments and encouragement! Seriously blessed by each and every comment. Love love love!!! 

In Christ,
Lily Fluharty

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