Lily's kids

Lily's kids

Saturday, August 2, 2014

It was a better post…

I had a better blog post. I was writing it and then I just stopped because my brain is tired and so I will just ramble on a little bit about the beautiful craziness called "Living with 69 kids".
My girlies!
I love living her at Casa de Esperanza. The two best words to describe it would be "crazy" and "beautiful". Yup. In that order too. Crazy definitely goes first.
God has a crazy, beautiful love for us. HE is sooooo good and His plan is always a million times better then ANYTHING we could ever imagine. I love watching His plans unfold for me as I slowly learn to trust Him and to let go of my life and lay it at His feet. "USE ME UP!" Is my continual prayer.
Late night Tia time!
There's something beautiful about waking up each and every morning, bright and early, to work. To work hard. Every night I fall into bed exhausted but my heart is overflowing. Even in the hardest, most stressful moments these kids can make me laugh. They are a JOY to love and care for. 

Isn't it amazing that God delights in us obeying Him? In the big and the small He watches over us in Love. Continue to trust Him and hand Jesus everything. Hand Him your joys, sorrows, hopes, fears, desires and dreams because God's plans will shatter your own expectations.

Thank you all for your support and love! Each and every message and comment is such a huge encouragement to me. God is so amazing!

Blessings and love from Bolivia and all the kiddos at Casa de Esperanza,
Lily Fluharty

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Kristi F. said...

Love your love for these kids! Love you!