Lily's kids

Lily's kids

Monday, August 11, 2014

Update :)

 Just wanted to post a quick update! Last week there were several changes in my house as my "screamer" switched to a house with more of the older kids to help her out and so they can be an example to her. She's doing great and loves it! My house is a little more calm as well… :)

With her gone, 6 month old Sabina moved in! I officially have a baby in the house. I'm honestly a little nervous to have such a tiny one but I know God will give me wisdom and I'm excited to learn.

Last week there were two parades here in Caranavi so I'll try to get some pictures up of the kids in their uniforms and the little kids in their typical Bolivian outfits. Some of the little girls were Cholitas! So cute! 

Love what God has been doing lately. So amazed at His love for me. These kids are so precious and make me smile as they learn and grow. I cannot believe how big they are getting! We also welcomed a new 1 year old boy this weekend to our family here at Casa de Esperanza. Please be praying for Ariel that he would transition well. Ariel comes from a very sad situation and praying that here he will be able to connect and feel safe and secure.
It's a cute sandwich hug!
Many blessings and hugs from Casa de Esperanza up here on the mountains of Caranavi, Bolivia!

In Christ Jesus,
Lily Fluharty


Thomas Fluharty said...

AWESOME Lils, Love you so much. Thanks for posting here on your blog. Love you~Papa

mylovelypatchworklife said...

Thank you for posting about the hard things! I am so glad that this is where God has placed you! Seeing pictures of you and your kiddos never ceases to bring a smile to my face!