Lily's kids

Lily's kids

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Smiles giggles and joy

Every second with these kids makes me smile. They are so full of life. So full of joy and smiles and it is infectious. When they giggle it fills me with joy and reminds me again and again of how much I love these crazy kids. There are days that are hard where they struggle and don't listen and are angry. But I am reminded again and again how Jesus see's me as His child. When I struggle and don't obey, He still loves me and wants me and see's me as precious. I see so much of God's love in these kids! And it fills me with joy. 

Every morning when all the little kids come to the Guarderia and give me hugs and sweet little kisses. Every time they get sooooo excited because they finished a puzzle all by themselves. Every time they want to show me something that is special to them. It amazes me how much and how quickly I fell in love with these kids. 

And it makes my heart fly!!! I am soooo blessed to be here in these mountains with these kids. I am soooo blessed to be loved by Jesus and to be reminded every day of His amazing love for me.
Lots of love and smiles from Bolivia!

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