Lily's kids

Lily's kids

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Gracias y por favor

It's been a crazy wonderful week with the kids! Lots of laughs!

In the Guarderia were working on please and thank you and it is a process to be consistent with 11 little crazies and having them ask nicely. But their doing a GREAT job. Sometimes it turns into one long question "Tia Lily can I please have this thank you?"  and their learning their numbers and alphabet really well! Some of the highlights were some of the little boys dressing up in dresses, reading Go Dogs Go and it's almost memorized by all the little kids, and playing playing playing!

Thursday and Friday I was the Tia in the afternoon in the 4th house because the Tia was down in town both afternoons. I took care of the two little kids in the house and washed clothes, gave baths, played, laughed, washed dishes and more dishes and took LOTS of pictures. Last night when the Tia came back I went to leave to go to my house to sleep and little Javier goes "Nooooo Tia Lily! No te vayas" which means "don't goooo!" Super cute!

 A church from the states donated 12 amazing new mountain bikes this week and the kids went CRAZY! They are super excited and it's such a huge blessing since the old bikes were falling apart!

My Spanish is continuing to grow and improve... words of the week "cochino!" "pues" and yes there's stories behind both of them :)

God is so very good to me! Please continue to pray for these kids that God would continue to work in them and draw them to Himself for His glory and honor! God bless!
Love from Bolivia,

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