Lily's kids

Lily's kids

Monday, September 24, 2012

A fast forward day

If you fast forward my day...

*Making and eating DELICIOUS pancakes with homemade syrupish stuff
*Getting 11 little hugs
*Screaming the ABCs in Spanish with 11 little crazies
*Doing races with crazy 3 year olds crashing into each other and falling over laughing
*Waiting for an 8 year old slow poke to finish eating
*Checking two crazy 8 year olds socks to see if their clean
*Laughing and helping both crazy 8 year olds rewash socks
*Homework homework homework with both crazy 8 year olds
*Trying to clean the floors with all the dust! It's sooooo dusty :)
*Getting more hugs and kisses and fresh yummy bread
*Getting ambushed and my flip flops stolen by a crazy 13 ALMOST 14 year old viejo
*Feeding the doggy and making a yummy dinner
*Hanging out with 2 friends and listening to music and eating french fries i made and killing the buro in my house
*Thinking back on this crazy but wonderful day and SMILING! :) Lots of amazing friends and lots of laughter. And lots of yummy food!

God is so very good to me! Love to you all! 

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