Lily's kids

Lily's kids

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Loving Caranavi

2 weeks flew by in Caranavi. I'm in La Paz for a few days for my visa but can't wait to get back to the kids. It was sooooo crazy to be back in Caranavi loving on the kids every second of every day! I love it. The last two weeks were filled with lots of hugs, smiles, hearing "Tia Lily", the Guarderia with all 11 little kids, passing out photos I brought from the team which the kids LOVED, evicting a family of cockroaches, yummy food, mountains, playing UNO, smarties, little hands in mine, bug bites, kia rides, laughter and so much more. I am so blessed to be back here doing what I love and getting to loveo n these kids and letting them love on me.

It is definitely not always easy. This week has been rough with one of the younger boys really struggling so please be praying that God would save him and give the directors wisdom. These kids have gone through a lot and they need hope and joy found in Christ alone. Reminded again and again that all I have is Christ!!!

Internet is up (ish) just really slow  so hopefully i will be able to update more once I get back to Caranavi later this week. Continue to pray for the kids that God would save them and draw them to himself! Lots of love from Bolivia and lots of little kiddos!

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