Lily's kids

Lily's kids

Monday, July 8, 2013

1 thing I need.

I don't need much in this world.

Traveling overseas I have realized just how blessed I am and that I don't need "Things" to make me happy. I don't need cute clothes, or new shoes, or food. I don't need to be surrounded by children or friends or family.

The only thing I NEED is Christ Jesus. Because without Him I am nothing.

My blog is called "For the Least of These". I am loving the least because I was one. I was last. But Christ saw me and saved me. And now I am not last in His sight but loved. And it's amazing to think about. To think that these children who are so easily forgotten in this world and loved and valued by God.  And our love for God should explode and shower everyone around us.

Christ has accomplished his mission. He has come for us. Died for us. Risen for us. Defeated our sins. And it is finished. And it is beautiful. And it should break out hearts and heal them at the same time.

No more death. No more fear. No more condemnation.

Just Life. Just joy. Just peace.

Because it is just grace. Not what we deserve. And it's beautiful.

The only thing I need in this world is Jesus. And His love and grace and truth.


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